Hungry to be a part of the Better World Movement?

We're at an inflection point.

With the priority roles that we're hiring for in 2017, you're joining the core founding team. Beyond your specific ambitious roles and responsibilities, you'll be co-creating and implementing the systems, processes, and culture to bring BWE to every classroom on earth.

To us, a ridiculously hungry and humble culture is the skeleton key to unlock this vision. This surely isn't just a job. It's a lifestyle.

Note: If you see joining BWE as a stepping stone (if you plan to move on in 1-2 years), then timing might not be right to apply. At present, we're bringing together humans who are ready to do what it takes to make this mission reality. Entrepreneurial, hungry and humble people who are in this for the long haul.
We recommend you write your responses in a separate document and insert them into this form when you're ready to submit. It would be a shame if you're halfway through and the internet crashes or a monkey steals your computer.

And please don't hesitate to reach out with questions as you apply! (
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And before spending significant time on the application process, please consider the following:

We're a small but mighty organization. We're actively fundraising, and though dependency on donations isn't our long term plan, we must emphasize that the nature of our income at present means we operate with a level of uncertainty towards guaranteeing long-term salaries, which we understand isn't a risk everyone can take with us. We want to be very upfront about this.

But with high risk comes great potential for reward. There's a reason we've got a growing crew of people ready to invest themselves in making this vision reality. And your presence, your voice, and your efforts will be essential to ensure BWE is able to deepen its impact while demonstrating value to catalytic venture philanthropists and investors. Over time, we do intend to build in new revenue streams as we provide more value to teachers and schools. You will play a huge role in making this possible, too.

Summary: your efforts, skills, relentlessness, passion, and determination could be a core reason that millions of youth and educators around the world are able to lead positive change together. If you're hungry to contribute to that movement, click the green button below!

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1. Upload your "Learning CV/Resume" here! Please do not simply upload your regular CV.  

Here's an example, if you need ideas:

Note: it is often called a failure resume. We believe failure only comes when we give up/quit. If you haven't done that, you're still learning. So we'd prefer to call this a "learning resume".
2. Instead of a cover letter, we would love for you to upload a 1-3 page Empathy Challenge (like these: 

Note to avoid confusion: this is not a 1 page lesson plan. Here's an example from our team, if helpful: Don't forget to include sections within your story with reflection questions for the reader. *

3. Please share a short story/moment from your life that can help us understand why you want to be part of our mission -- at this stage and in this role. Why Better World Ed?

4. You've read the "details" and "culture" tabs and the articles within them. In what ways does this culture we're striving for align with you and the mission you're on? In what ways might it not align?

4b. Why is this role and mission what you're hungry for? How does it reflect where you are in your life, and what you value? How will you find inspiration in the hardest moments?

4c. And in a few sentences, why do you want to join a hunger filled, fast paced, ever-adaptive environment?

Why do you want to learn and grow?

In 1000 characters or fewer.
4d. What do you feel and think when you read the below passage from

In 1000 characters or fewer.
5. What is the biggest challenge you see currently (and/or in the future) for BWE, and why? How would you help address this challenge?

In 1000 characters or fewer.
5b. What is the biggest challenge you see currently (and/or in the future) for YOU, and why? What are you going to need to grow better at in this next phase of your life and work? How can we help you overcome this challenge?

In 1000 characters or fewer.
6. What's a personal opinion you've had and changed in the past year?

In 1000 characters or fewer.
6b. Reflect on a time you've bordered -- or have outwardly been -- arrogant/know-it-all-ish in the past two years.

In 1000 characters or fewer.
7. It's 3 years from now. What are you proudest of from the past years? What are you investing your time in? What's still ahead? 

And are you still with us building BWE? If not, where are you and why? *

In 1000 characters or fewer.
8. You're hiring for someone to join the BWE team. What are the three top things you are looking for in a candidate?

9. We'd love to get a sense of what you're needing or expecting to earn in your next steps. Salary?

10. Please share 3 references.

In which countries are you already authorized to work?

Where are you a citizen? Any work visas?
Thank you so much for taking the time to engage with this typeform.

Applications are coming in on a rolling basis, and we'll be in touch within 5-10 days if our team feels there could be a mutual fit.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to with any questions or thoughts.
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